Month: December 2017

What Your Snoring Might Be Saying

Picture this: it’s bedtime, and you are looking forward to a good night’s sleep. Even though you are not feeling quite as rested as usual these last few months, you know you are sleeping for 7 or 8 hours. Just as you are getting settled in, your sleep partner mentions the subject of snoring. Specifically,… Read more »

Low Cost Pet Vaccination Clinic  

Was getting your loving pet all caught up on vaccinations one of your top priorities to accomplish before Christmas? Are you traveling with your pet, having people over, etc., and you don’t want to let this detail go unaddressed past the holidays? Well, then you are in luck! Plan to bring your lil’ best friend… Read more »

Bad Breath Q&A: Serious Problem Or Not?

As you may already feel on an intuitive level, bad breath can let you know that you need help with your oral health. However, it’s not always a signal that it’s time for a dental visit. How to tell what’s what? A Q&A session will offer some initial guidance!

Smile Project 2018 Q&A: What’s The Plan?

Are you excited about the fact that we are about to wave bye-bye to 2017 and welcome in 12 month of a completely clean slate? It’s always so refreshing to be able to feel the ability to start anew with everything! If this sensation applies to your smile, what types of changes or improvements do… Read more »

Dental Fillings: A Brief And Very Helpful Quiz!

You may not know a whole lot about dental fillings. That doesn’t mean you’ve never received one or that you don’t know a thing about them! However, you may recognize that your knowledge is limited, which is why when it’s time for a filling, you may feel a little nervous. Of course, we can take… Read more »

KSCS Country Fest ‘17 Featuring Chris Young

Hey there, country music fan! Have you become a listener of Chris Young recently? If so, don’t waste another second. Check out the upcoming KSCS Country Fest ‘17 Featuring Chris Young!

Wave Goodbye To Your 2017 Benefits

No, we aren’t talking about the benefits you can expect from visiting our practice for your smile care. They will always be here for you whenever you decide to schedule an appointment! When we mention waving goodbye to your 2017 benefits, we’re talking about the remaining coverage you can expect to receive from your dental… Read more »