Month: December 2016

Your (Embarrassing) Hygiene Questions

You have some questions that you are just dying to ask us about dental hygiene … but you’re too embarrassed to ask. This is something we come across all the time! Patients want more information about something but they’re worried we will find the question silly or unimportant. Keep something very significant in mind: We… Read more »

3 Reasons To Pat Yourself On The Back: 2016 Edition

When you spend time reflecting on an entire year, there are a lot of things to consider! There’s your work life, your social life, your love life, your general well being, and a million other areas of your journey on this planet. The one we are most interested in, of course, is your oral health!… Read more »

Happy Holidays! It’s Time For A Festive Quiz!

As the weekend quickly approaches, we would just like to send out our wishes for a very enjoyable holiday experience. Take a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, spend time with family and friends, and smile that healthy smile of yours! It is healthy, right? Check out a quick holiday quiz to… Read more »

TMJs: Working Out The Details

Do you know what we’re talking about when we discuss TMJ disorder (TMD) with you? If you don’t know what a TMJ is then the answer is probably a flat out, “Nope!” Since your functional health is extremely important (and since you are experiencing a problem with your jaw that requires care), we encourage you to… Read more »

Bad Breath: What’s The Problem?

Perhaps you are trying to figure out how you could possibly have bad breath. After all, you have a toothbrush and toothpaste! Dental floss, too! All of which you use at least most of the time as we have suggested. You have even stopped eating all things extremely smelly like garlic and onions. Still, though,… Read more »

Need Cosmetic Care? Consider These Holiday Blunders!

Have you been thinking lately that you might need cosmetic care, so you can feel exceptional about your smile? If you’re not sure whether the time is right (or if maybe you’re making more out of your dislike of your smile than is necessary), we are here to help! Since a new perspective can often provide… Read more »

Blurring The Oral Health Guidelines: Are You On Track?

Do you find that you occasionally tell yourself little white lies when you’re not really in the mood to care for your smile? Perhaps you make rationalizations when our explanation of protecting your oral health just doesn’t sound logical. While we certainly understand the desire to personalize your dental care in a way that feels… Read more »

Q&A: Why Purchase A Safe, Reusable Water Bottle?

Have you noticed that most of your friends aren’t carrying around water bottles that you might pick up at the grocery store (the type that you toss into the recycling bin after you’re finished)? Instead, they’re carrying bottles meant to tote water around for the long haul? A reusable bottle for your daily hydration needs… Read more »

Give Yourself The Gift Of Smile Beauty

Have you been toting around your wish list for the 2016 holiday season? Perhaps you secretly whispered your dream gift into Santa’s ear at the mall, hoping none of your friends saw you! Whatever the case, if what you really want is a more beautiful smile, there’s no need to wait for a magical answer… Read more »