Blurring The Oral Health Guidelines: Are You On Track?

womanwonderingheadbandDo you find that you occasionally tell yourself little white lies when you’re not really in the mood to care for your smile? Perhaps you make rationalizations when our explanation of protecting your oral health just doesn’t sound logical. While we certainly understand the desire to personalize your dental care in a way that feels extra easy and comfortable for you, this approach can end in disaster! To ensure you’re not inching your way toward an unhealthy smile on accident, we encourage you to check in on your habits.

When You Think You Can Skip One Hygiene Session

You might tell yourself one night when you’re very tired (or one morning when you’re in an incredible rush) that one missed brushing and flossing routine will not hurt your smile. Unfortunately, this can lead to future missed sessions, as well as serious problems for your oral health! Plaque hardens into tartar very quickly, so the longer the plaque sits on your teeth, the greater the likelihood that a cavity or gum disease is in your future.

When You Brush With Firm Bristles Anyway

You might think to yourself that using soft bristles on a toothbrush just doesn’t make sense. Using firm bristles, however, sounds like a logical idea to you. Unfortunately, choosing to scour your smile will not result in oral health protection. Instead, you may wear down your enamel and cause your gums to recede (both of which will make teeth feel extra sensitive). Only use soft bristles.

When You Floss More To Address Inflamed, Bleeding Gums

Don’t fool yourself into thinking that you can rescue your diseased gums if you begin to floss. Tartar that you cannot remove is causing the problem, which means your only solution is coming to see us.