Month: January 2017

Protect Your Smile During Cold And Flu Season

You might remember from previous experiences with finding yourself under the weather that caring for your oral health usually falls down a few notches on your list of priorities. Instead, you feel comfortable remaining in bed and skipping dental hygiene, you stay hydrated with whatever tastes the best, and you just try to feel better… Read more »

Veneers: How Does It All Work?

You might have some amazing things to say about porcelain veneers once you learn a bit about them. You have every right, of course, to feel this way! They can cover up a multitude of unsightly problems, while leaving you with a natural looking (much improved) smile. However, when asked about the process, you might… Read more »

3 Reasons To Drink Some Tap Water

Do you generally drink tap water? Or, do you find that you shy away from it because you assume it’s “not as good as” other water options, such as the packaged selections you can find in your local grocery store? If you’ve been giving this option for your hydration a bad wrap, we encourage you… Read more »

Dry Mouth: It Could Happen To You

You might hear the term dry mouth and immediately pass it off as something that’s a side effect of those medications in television ads. What you might not realize is that 1. You might be taking a medicine that causes this issue as a side effect. Also, 2. Anyone can end up with this usually… Read more »

Ready For A Dental Emergency?

Regardless of the type of dental emergency that happens to you, there’s an easy way to get yourself prepared. Hopefully, of course, this is not something you will ever need to deal with. However, if you find yourself with a broken tooth, severe pain, or otherwise, it’s always wise to have a plan on hand,… Read more »

Your Snoring Quiz: Do You Know What It Is?

Is there something frustrating to you about dealing with snoring without understanding why it’s happening, what you can do about it, and whether it’s a serious problem or just a minor annoyance? We understand! What you might not realize is that we see patients all the time who are dealing with the same sort of… Read more »

Pre-Visit Manners: What To Do

Do you occasionally find yourself involved in a discussion with friends regarding how to prepare for your dental visit? One friend says there’s no point in brushing before your appointment because we are going to clean your teeth anyway. Another says that it’s good manners to brush first. These are the details that can leave… Read more »

Partial Dentures: What They Are (And Are Not)

When you begin examining your options for replacing one or multiple missing teeth (but not a full arch of teeth), you will find yourself faced with a variety of options. This is a relief, of course, until you realize that there’s a lot to learn (and time’s a-wastin’). When the term partial denture crosses your… Read more »

Quiz: When Your Child Swallows Toothpaste

There’s nothing quite like the moment when your child fails to spit out the toothpaste in his or her mouth and instead swallows it. Or the moment you discover your child found a tube of toothpaste and thought it would make a nice snack. To help calm your nerves and guide you through this potentially… Read more »