Veneers: How Does It All Work?

You might have some amazing things to say about porcelain veneers once you learn a bit about them. You have every right, of course, to feel this way! They can cover up a multitude of unsightly problems, while leaving you with a natural looking (much improved) smile. However, when asked about the process, you might find yourself falling silent. Yes, you know about their benefits but do you know what it’s like to receive them? If you’ve been feeling curious about this lately, let us fill you in.

We Check Your Candidacy

We first need to make sure you are a good match for porcelain veneers. It’s entirely possible that you like the idea of them but you don’t need them. Or, you might need us to restore your oral health first before you’re ready. In any case, getting started will require a consultation.

We Take Impressions

Once we know that you and porcelain veneers are well suited to one another, we move forward by taking impressions of your smile. These are simply molds of your teeth, which will allow a master ceramicist to carefully custom design and craft veneers for your future smile.

Did We Mention They’re Custom Crafted?

Keep in mind that the porcelain veneers you receive will adhere to your dreams for your improved smile. We will work closely with you to figure out the proper shade for a whiter smile in addition to the changes you would like to make (like filling gaps, improving uniformity, etc.).

We Place Them

We will see you for a final visit to take sure the porcelain veneers fit your smile beautifully. If not, we can always make last minute alterations. The final step of the process is permanently bonding the veneers to your smile to complete your makeover.