Month: May 2018

Serious Side Effects: Smoking

You know that when you smoke, it can cause serious problems for your oral health and beyond. However, beyond the initial treatable problem, are you fully aware of what can happen when the use of tobacco damages your oral tissues? By considering the serious consequences that smoking may cause or make worse, you may find… Read more »

Your Gum Tissue: Seeing Red

When you’re seeing red as it applies to your gum health, this can be a big old warning flag letting you know something is wrong, you need to call us, and you may require care for something like gingivitis. However, does seeing red mean that you are definitely in need of urgent help for gum… Read more »

Cyclin’ With The Mayor: Lone Star Park Ride

Fancy a ride on your bicycle through the park? Like it better when you go on bike rides with friends? How about with our mayor? “What’s that?” you ask, perplexed. Yes, you read that correctly: You are invited to the second installment of a community Cyclin’ With The Mayor bike ride in which you really… Read more »

Overlooked Ways You Can Break Or Crack Your Teeth

You know that if you were to pick up a rock and bite into it, you’d break a tooth (which is why we suggest you avoid eating anything rock hard!). You know that if you accidentally run face first into something, you could end up with a broken tooth. However, did you realize there are… Read more »

Flossing Your Smile: 3 Additional Benefits

You may know all about why you should use dental floss during dental hygiene. As we have certainly explained to you, it helps you remove the stuff that collects, hardens, and causes you to deal with unpleasant side effects like gingivitis and decay. If this isn’t quite enough to convince you to add flossing into… Read more »

Wisdom Teeth: Do They Have To Go?

You might find yourself under the impression that no matter what, wisdom teeth must be extracted. Then, one day, you wonder why this is the case. Perhaps you meet someone who has her third molars, who never had removal, and you marvel at this idea! Is it possible that some people require wisdom teeth removal,… Read more »

Why You Don’t Necessarily Need IV Sedation

When you think that dental sedation is something you would really like for yourself (or need, depending on the particular treatment), there may be part of you that wants to say, “Give me the IV sedation, doc! I want the strongest stuff you’ve got!” However, this is not necessarily the best approach or even necessary…. Read more »

Household Hazardous Waste Collection Day

As we are well into the spring season, you may find that you’ve got some stuff in your house that you just can’t find a place for (as in, you want to throw it out but you just don’t know how to dispose of it in a way that’s safe!). Not to worry! Our community… Read more »

What To Remember: When You Don’t Want To Brush

If you think you are the only person who occasionally just doesn’t feel like brushing your teeth, think again! This is something we hear about frequently. We also field questions about what might happen if someone just stopped brushing altogether. While it may be tempting to skip, to sort-of brush, or to just give it… Read more »

Trust Your Chewing: See Us About Problems

There are those symptoms like uncomfortable chewing that can stop you in your tracks, leaving you wondering what on earth to do next. Should you just try to ignore the issue and continue on as usual, hoping the issue will resolve? Generally speaking, when you’re having trouble with the function of your smile, the best… Read more »