Overlooked Ways You Can Break Or Crack Your Teeth

You know that if you were to pick up a rock and bite into it, you’d break a tooth (which is why we suggest you avoid eating anything rock hard!). You know that if you accidentally run face first into something, you could end up with a broken tooth. However, did you realize there are some frequently overlooked ways you can cause this type of damage that might be very beneficial information for you to have? Review some potential culprits, so you can avoid them at all costs!

With A Tongue Ring

You probably overlook the fact that even if you plan on being careful, you will still have a hard object in your mouth that’s probably there most of the day if not all day. One false move and bam! You can end up with a broken tooth. Be careful.

By Ignoring A Missing Filling

If you sense that a filling has fallen out, what you don’t want to do is ignore it. Now, you have a hole in your tooth that compromises the structure of your tooth, causing it to become highly vulnerable to breaking! You need it refilled, so you can avoid a broken tooth. See us soon!


Have you ever heard of cracked tooth syndrome? This is when you have a crack in your tooth but it’s so tiny, it’s very difficult to detect. However, that doesn’t mean you won’t feel it! When you are a patient with bruxism disorder, the grinding and clenching that takes place every day can cause this issue with your tooth. Fortunately, we can help you figure out what’s going on and treat it. However, if you’re quick about treating bruxism the moment you receive a diagnosis, you can completely avoid such consequences.

Protect Teeth From Physical Damage With Our Care

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