Month: October 2017

FAQs: Do I Require A Crown (Or Something Else)?

When it comes down to the particular issue you’re having with your smile and the dental treatment that is best for you, do you know whether you currently need a dental crown? Or, do you think that maybe you require something else? As you may have guessed, even if you know quite a lot about… Read more »

Reasons You Feel Anxious Without Dental Anxiety

Maybe you’re not someone who experiences true dental anxiety. However, you’ve noticed that you find yourself feeling somewhat anxious when you see us for dental visits. You aren’t afraid of dentistry. You don’t mind coming in for your dental care. So, what could possibly be causing you to feel jittery? Take a moment to consider… Read more »

Street N’ Treat

Have you been sifting through your trunk of old Halloween costumes? Been planning for the big day for months? Whatever the case, the really important question is: Where will be you be trick or treating on Halloween eve? If you’re not sure yet, you may want to consider the upcoming Street N’ Treat!

Fluoride: Reasons You Can Stop Worrying!

It’s very likely that you have heard wonderful things about using fluoridated toothpaste from our team because … well … we are dental professionals! However, it’s also very likely that you’ve heard some negative things about fluoride from friends, from the internet, and the list continues. As a result, you may feel stressed every morning… Read more »

Don’t Stress About Smile Problems!

Do you have problems with your smile health? Have you been spending a fairly considerable amount of time worrying about these issues? What is the problem? What is it that’s causing you such concern? We’d like to remind you that by visiting our practice, you can set your concerns aside and let us provide you… Read more »

Quiz: Halloween And Your Kids

Are you ready to deal with the upcoming inundation of piles and piles of candy that are headed our way? Perhaps as far as you are concerned for yourself, it’s a cinch! However, when it comes to figuring out how to feel like a parent that’s equal parts responsible and fun, would you say that… Read more »

FAQs: I’m A Noisy Eater

What would you say if we were to ask you about your eating habits? Would the first thing out of your mouth be, “Help! I’m a noisy eater!” followed by the hope that we can offer some guidance? If so, we encourage you to spend a moment with our FAQs (and the answers). You may… Read more »

Donuts, Dogs, And Cats Too

What’s sweeter than a free donut? Your pet, of course! What’s even better than your lovable pooch or kitty? A healthy, vaccinated one! How to combine all of this lovable, delicious goodness into a single event? Glad you asked: Head over to the Donuts, Dogs, and Cats Too event!

Is Wintertime Busy Time? Plan Ahead!

We are just entering October, which means many exciting moments rest just ahead of us! There’s Halloween at the end of the month, Thanksgiving to look forward to, then a myriad of holidays in December. If you have kids, a lot of family, an active social life, etc., then wintertime is a very busy time… Read more »