FAQs: Do I Require A Crown (Or Something Else)?

When it comes down to the particular issue you’re having with your smile and the dental treatment that is best for you, do you know whether you currently need a dental crown? Or, do you think that maybe you require something else? As you may have guessed, even if you know quite a lot about dental care, diagnosing yourself is usually impossible. We encourage you to set up a visit for the final word on what you require. For a quick preview, get started with an FAQs (and answers) session.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: I’ve heard that sometimes a person needs a dental crown for a cavity but sometimes decay just needs a filling. How do I know which one I need for my smile?

Answer: You’ll know when you come in. We will need to assess the extent of the decay and damage before we tell you whether you can receive a filling or if the damage is serious and requires a crown.

Question: I’m having some esthetic problems with my teeth. They don’t look as good as they could but I’m worried that porcelain veneers might not be good enough. If they’re not, may I choose porcelain crowns?

Answer: Of course! Crowns often provide patients with serious cosmetic concerns a wonderful next option for a beautified smile.

Question: What happens if my tooth is badly injured or infected? Will I definitely need a dental crown?

Answer: Assuming we can save your tooth and that it does not require an extraction (which happens when the damage is very severe), you will likely need a crown. It will give you back the stability and whole structure that your tooth had before the damage (or before the root canal you may require for an infection).

Restore Damaged Teeth With Beautiful Crowns

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