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When You Need Restorative Care: Think About This!

When you need restorative care, you may be the type of person to pick up the phone immediately, set up a dental visit, find out what’s wrong, schedule the treatment, and then you’re all better! However, if you happen to be like many of the patients we meet with at our Grand Prairie, TX practice,… Read more »

Tooth Pain: 2 Times You’re Accidentally Causing It

Sometimes, tooth pain will affect you and you will notice you’re not really sure where the problem is coming from. Other times, tooth discomfort will appear and you’ll have a fairly good idea regarding why it’s started (and how to make it stop). In either case, it’s entirely possible that you are the major contributing… Read more »

Agreeing To A Dental Crown: Things You’re Wondering

You know that it’s time to agree to the dental crown we have recommended for you, so your smile is all better. However, you also know that if you keep your curiosity to yourself about particular aspects of this method of fixing your tooth, you’re going to feel quite anxious come procedure day. Don’t let… Read more »

Cavities: A Few Facts To Review Occasionally

When you think about cavities, you know that it’s a problem treatable by our Grand Prairie, TX team. You know that they’re some of the main things you’re fighting off when you practice your dental hygiene and when you see us for care. However, that doesn’t mean you couldn’t use a few pointers to review… Read more »

3 Times You’ll Be So Happy You Filled Your Cavity

There are times you find out that you have a cavity and, though our Grand Prairie, TX practice always tells you that your best bet is to fill it as soon as possible, you may feel like waiting. You might have lots and lots of reasons for this, however, the reason it’s smart to get… Read more »

Wisdom Teeth: Do They Have To Go?

You might find yourself under the impression that no matter what, wisdom teeth must be extracted. Then, one day, you wonder why this is the case. Perhaps you meet someone who has her third molars, who never had removal, and you marvel at this idea! Is it possible that some people require wisdom teeth removal,… Read more »

Trust Your Chewing: See Us About Problems

There are those symptoms like uncomfortable chewing that can stop you in your tracks, leaving you wondering what on earth to do next. Should you just try to ignore the issue and continue on as usual, hoping the issue will resolve? Generally speaking, when you’re having trouble with the function of your smile, the best… Read more »

Wisdom Teeth: Common Kid Care Questions

One day, your children have baby teeth that you look after. Then, they’re suddenly old enough to care for their own teeth. Next, they have permanent teeth that they’re keeping healthy. Suddenly, seemingly out of nowhere, a curveball shows up: You realize your kids who seem so much older and are nearly entering (or have… Read more »

Implant Placement: Offered At Our Practice!

You may wonder why it’s so exciting that we offer dental implant placement at our practice along with restorations to complete those implants. “Isn’t that how most practices do it?” you may think to yourself. As a matter of fact, many practices will refer you to an oral surgeon, who you will visit to have… Read more »

Root Canal Therapy: 3 Responses And How They Will Affect You

What to do if you recently found out that you require root canal therapy? Perhaps your instinct is to run away, hide out, and pretend you never heard your diagnosis or treatment recommendation. Maybe you are okay with the idea but you just really want to receive some answers first. As you may have guessed,… Read more »