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Have a Cavity? Why Treating It Now Matters

Being the most common dental health issue means that cavities can affect nearly everyone at some point in their lives. If one develops in your tooth, the extent of treatment you need to fix it will depend on how soon you seek treatment for it. Today, we explain why by examining what having a cavity… Read more »

Things You’re Getting Very Wrong About Restorative Dentistry

It’s very easy to accidentally assume things about restorative dentistry and to consider them a fact. It’s also easy to have a partially correct idea about it, which may cause you to miss out on opportunities to get your oral health in fantastic condition! So, before you fully categorize treatments that help to fix your… Read more »

Smile-Related Pain Is Saying These Things To You! 

The arrival of smile pain is never something that causes you to suddenly think, “Wow! I must be doing everything right!” However, our Grand Prairie, TX team is also very familiar with the fact that though you may realize this uncomfortable feeling is trying to tell you something, you may do your best to ignore… Read more »

Spooky Smile Sensations: Is It Halloween’s Fault?

You may think that the second Halloween starts to head our way (which, in terms of candy, pastries, and other indulgences is always far in advance of the actual day itself) that it’s the holiday that is causing sudden issues for your oral health. Our Grand Prairie, TX team understands why you might think this!… Read more »

How To Say “Okay” To Decay

One of the things that you might not really feel like doing at the moment or when you discover you have a cavity? Saying, “okay!” to the tooth decay and moving forward in any way necessary in order to get your smile back on track. We understand! It can feel like a setback and you… Read more »

Fillings: 3 Things You’re Worrying About (But Shouldn’t)

When it comes to dental fillings that help you overcome a cavity, we know that you may find yourself feeling somewhat on edge about your upcoming visit. Or, at least, we hope you have scheduled your filling, if you need one! With that said, what our Grand Prairie, TX team hopes, as well, is that… Read more »

Things You’ve Been Wondering About Dental Crowns 

So, you’re curious about dental crowns. You know what this type of restorative treatment is: A prosthetic tooth made to fix a damaged tooth by providing full coverage. With that said, though, you find yourself going down a rabbit’s hole of questions that may apply to you right now, that could one day affect you… Read more »

When You Need Root Canal Treatment, But Don’t Expect It

Root canal treatment is the process of carefully removing an infection from the inside of your tooth’s inner structures – mainly, its pulp chamber and root canal. As such, it’s usually recommended when tooth decay has become so severe that it reaches these chambers. If you’ve neglected a growing toothache or hesitated to receive a… Read more »

Surprising Stuff You Never Realized About Tooth Decay! 

There’s probably already some stuff you can rattle off about tooth decay that’s accurate and that reminds you that it’s something you don’t really want to deal with if you can help it. However, as much as you may feel familiar with cavities, you may also find that upon further investigation, there’s a lot you… Read more »

Tooth Decay: Don’t Be Hard On Yourself!

It’s easy to end up being a bit too hard on yourself when you learn that you need to address tooth decay! Of course, what you want is to come in for checkups, to learn you’re cavity free, and to head home without a care in the world. However, sometimes, the end of your preventive… Read more »