Category: Restorative Dentistry

FAQs: Do I Require A Crown (Or Something Else)?

When it comes down to the particular issue you’re having with your smile and the dental treatment that is best for you, do you know whether you currently need a dental crown? Or, do you think that maybe you require something else? As you may have guessed, even if you know quite a lot about… Read more »

Don’t Stress About Smile Problems!

Do you have problems with your smile health? Have you been spending a fairly considerable amount of time worrying about these issues? What is the problem? What is it that’s causing you such concern? We’d like to remind you that by visiting our practice, you can set your concerns aside and let us provide you… Read more »

Quiz: How Well Do You Know Dental Crowns Benefits?

You might know that a dental crown is a beneficial option for your tooth when something goes wrong. You may also know that this is generally the suggestion you will receive when a filling is just not going to cut it (such as when you’re dealing with serious tooth decay). However, that does not necessarily… Read more »

Dental Extraction Q&A: What Happens Next?

Have you made peace with the fact that you need a dental extraction for your smile but you still have some unresolved feelings about what’s going to happen after the tooth removal is complete? If you have not yet asked your questions about aftercare and what will happen once the site is healed, we are… Read more »

Providing Care For Advanced Cavities

Advanced cavities pose a real threat to your tooth, to your smile, and to your oral health. As decay worsens, a cavity will eat through the layers of your enamel and dentin, and will allow an infection to take hold in your pulp. When this happens, you can expect to feel pain, and deal with… Read more »

Quiz: Should I Do Something About Old Dental Work?

What’s going on in your smile that’s beginning to feel problematic? Do you have old dental work that either doesn’t fit correctly, that you’re pretty sure is damaged, or that you think is past its prime? If so, you might wonder if it’s best to just leave it alone or if you should be doing… Read more »

Improving Denture Stability

If you have full or partial dentures, you may have experienced some minor concerns with stability over the course of your wear. While they help you eat and speak with ease, they can also cause you to have an occasional moment of worry when they feel like they’re slipping. Fortunately, we have some helpful advice… Read more »

Partial Dentures: What They Are (And Are Not)

When you begin examining your options for replacing one or multiple missing teeth (but not a full arch of teeth), you will find yourself faced with a variety of options. This is a relief, of course, until you realize that there’s a lot to learn (and time’s a-wastin’). When the term partial denture crosses your… Read more »

Is A Bridge Right For You? Ask Yourself These Questions.

When you’re making up your mind as you learn which potential tooth replacement options are (or are not) right for you, you’ll likely focus some of your time learning about dental bridges. As a result, some questions are probably going to follow. Since we have worked with many patients over the years, we can quickly… Read more »

Common Questions About Crowns: Answered

If you feel shy asking questions about dental crowns, don’t feel that way! Remember that most of the patients we see who require a crown have a lot of questions, too. Add that to the fact that we are always very welcoming when patients have thoughts, concerns, worries, or general questions about what to expect…. Read more »