Things You’re Getting Very Wrong About Restorative Dentistry

It’s very easy to accidentally assume things about restorative dentistry and to consider them a fact. It’s also easy to have a partially correct idea about it, which may cause you to miss out on opportunities to get your oral health in fantastic condition! So, before you fully categorize treatments that help to fix your teeth and rescue your smile from disease, our Grand Prairie, TX team strongly suggests you spend a moment with us! It’s time to address frequent misconceptions, as we explain the truth!

You Assume It’s Painful

You are assuming that restorative dentistry is painful. We know this because most of the patients who walk through our doors who have not already experienced the extraordinarily gentle, comfortable care that we provide happen to have this same idea about it, from fillings to crown placements. However, we want you to keep in mind that when we provide you with the repairs your smile needs, you can expect to feel calm, and relaxed, and A-OK.

You Figure It’s Only For Very Serious Problems

You may guess that restorative dentistry is only something that’s suggested or that’s actually needed when a serious problem is impacting your smile. However, the truth is, it’s for a full spectrum of potential concerns. You may have a very tiny cavity that, if we fill it immediately, will be gone and cannot harm your tooth any longer! Or, you may have serious decay, an infection, or structural damage that requires help. Remember: All damage needs fixing!

You Guess You Can Skip It For Now

You may guess that it’s okay to skip restorative dentistry for right now. That is probably because you haven’t realized just about any damage that has already occurred is going to lead to more of it (and it’s probably going to be on a much grander scale!). Why not skip out on a much more complex and severe scenario by choosing the treatment, rather than skipping the treatment and remaining stuck with an unhealthy smile?

You Think It’s For People Who Don’t Brush

We often find that patients assume restorative dentistry is a punishment and, as a result, that it’s something suggested only for patients who aren’t caring for their smiles. Again, remember: Damage can happen to anyone of any age. Sometimes, it just happens. Sometimes, it’s because you need to do a bit better with your care. Restorations aren’t “bad.” They’re a privilege! You get to fix anything that comes your way, so your smile is back to its old self!

Get To Know Restorative Dentistry 

Become much more familiar with restorative dentistry, with the comprehensive selection of treatments that we offer, and with how it can best help your smile! Learn more by coming in for a checkup. Set up an appointment in Grand Prairie, TX by contacting your dentist at Pecan Tree Dental to schedule a visit at (972) 262-5111.