Smile-Related Pain Is Saying These Things To You! 

The arrival of smile pain is never something that causes you to suddenly think, “Wow! I must be doing everything right!” However, our Grand Prairie, TX team is also very familiar with the fact that though you may realize this uncomfortable feeling is trying to tell you something, you may do your best to ignore it, attempt to downplay the seriousness, or choose some other response that doesn’t guide you toward seeking essential solutions. So, what do we suggest you ask? Well, why not let that discomfort speak for itself?…

“Drop Everything And Call Your Dentist!”

The smile pain that shows up is trying to tell you the number one thing that we would certainly agree with: It’s time to drop everything and get in touch with our team, so you can come in to find out what’s going on. With all of the most detailed investigative work you could possibly do on your own to examine your oral health, we remind you that it’s not going to give you definitive answers. Make things easy (and quickly receive any care your oral health requires) by coming in! A quick visit will offer you the comprehensive details needed to understand the source of your pain and information about how we can help make it go away!

“Stop Pushing Your Limits!”

Have we told you that you have bruxism disorder or TMJ disorder and, though you know you shouldn’t be chewing gum, you keep doing it? Are you eating foods that are almost easy on your teeth but not quite? Maybe you’re ignoring other limits associated with other oral health concerns. Whatever the case, the arrival of smile pain is often your loud-and-clear sign that you need to be much more careful with your smile! Feeling like you are being mindful but you’re still experiencing symptoms? Come in for a checkup!

“Don’t Try Anything Fancy!”

It’s natural to want to figure out what you can do all by yourself to make things better. Of course, you are welcome to take a pain reliever, to apply a compress to the area for relief, and to take it easy. However, we remind you to avoid trying anything fancy, such as trying to actually treat or fix the area on your own. Leave this to us, so you don’t complicate matters, and can instead get back to your usual level of comfort right away.

Address Smile Pain With A Visit

Don’t ignore, run away from, or try to rationalize smile pain if it shows up in your life! Stop what you are doing, call our practice, set up a time and date for a checkup with us, and we will care for your smile ASAP! Set up an appointment in Grand Prairie, TX by contacting your dentist at Pecan Tree Dental to schedule a visit at (972) 262-5111.