Spooky Smile Sensations: Is It Halloween’s Fault?

You may think that the second Halloween starts to head our way (which, in terms of candy, pastries, and other indulgences is always far in advance of the actual day itself) that it’s the holiday that is causing sudden issues for your oral health. Our Grand Prairie, TX team understands why you might think this! One day you’re fine, the next you’re biting into a candy bar and something doesn’t feel right. So, is it the fault of this cozy season? Or is it a coincidence? Or something else? Let’s break down what’s really going on!

Pain When Biting Into Candy

If you have pain when you bite into a piece of candy, there may be part of your brain that wonders: Was this caused by Halloween? Well, not exactly. There are a couple of things that might be going on here. First, you may have bitten into a very hard or tough piece of candy (which may be something you only consume during this time of year), which ended up damaging or irritating your tooth. If this happens, call us! Or, you may have already had an existing oral health issue you are unaware of, such as a cavity. Biting into a sugary piece of candy may lead to discomfort, which then makes you guess that your Halloween candy caused the problem. In any case, a visit to our practice is a solid plan!

A Sore Jaw With Chewy Candy

You eat some particularly chewy candy that takes a lot of jaw rotations for you to finally finish up. Your jaw hurts. So, is Halloween at fault? Not quite! In this case, remember that when you ask your jaw joints to put for a lot of effort and force, it can make them tired and sore. Or, if you already have a case of TMJ disorder that you didn’t realize was there, it can bring that to the forefront! Again, if this is an issue that is persistent, it’s an oral health concern to bring to our attention right away!

Sour Candy Discomfort

As you have started to realize, Halloween itself doesn’t cause oral health problems. Instead, some of your choices this time of year might come into play or may highlight an underlying problem! With that said, we remind you that very sour candies can cause discomfort, often even if nothing is wrong. They are very acidic, which can irritate soft tissues and your gums! Skip them if they’re bothersome (and alleviate symptoms with water).

See Us The Second You Recognize Symptoms

Remember that while you may want to ignore changes or obvious symptoms, it is always best to come in to see us for a checkup just in case! Call our team if you notice concerns during holiday time or beyond! Set up an appointment in Grand Prairie, TX by contacting your dentist at Pecan Tree Dental to schedule a visit at (972) 262-5111.