Fluoride: Reasons You Can Stop Worrying!

It’s very likely that you have heard wonderful things about using fluoridated toothpaste from our team because … well … we are dental professionals! However, it’s also very likely that you’ve heard some negative things about fluoride from friends, from the internet, and the list continues. As a result, you may feel stressed every morning and evening as you brush your smile (or as you help little ones with their smiles). What to do and which product to use, you may wonder? We are here to offer the relief (and the facts) you need!

Reason: It’s Not Going To Poison You

Fluoridated toothpaste is not a toxin that you’re exposing yourself or your children to on a daily basis. The truth is that fluoride can make you sick if you gobble up a very large portion of it. The same is true, as you know, of other perfectly safe products and foods. Our solution: Don’t eat your toothpaste (and don’t fret if you swallow a tiny bit; it won’t hurt you).

Reason: It Offer Amazing Decay Prevention

This isn’t something that we suggest because it might help your smile. We suggest fluoridated toothpaste because it actually provides an amazing level of help in keeping your enamel strong. This layer of your tooth is made of minerals. Decay begins with the softening of your enamel as minerals are destroyed. Fluoride can help in two ways: It can repair early damage by replacing lost minerals. It can also prevent this from happening in the first place!

See Our Team For Preventive Care

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