Your Gum Tissue: Seeing Red

When you’re seeing red as it applies to your gum health, this can be a big old warning flag letting you know something is wrong, you need to call us, and you may require care for something like gingivitis. However, does seeing red mean that you are definitely in need of urgent help for gum disease? Well…not necessarily! Let’s talk through some symptoms that may cross your path, what to think about them, and ultimately, what to do.

Red Gum Tissue

Do your gums look red? If you can’t remember what they’re supposed to look like, optimal gum health generally includes tissue with a pale, soft pink appearance. Bright red can mean a couple things. You may have simply irritated your gums on accident. Or, this may be a warning that you have gum disease.

Bleeding Gum Tissue

Bleeding isn’t a good sign when it comes to your gum health. However, again, it may mean multiple things. You may have accidentally damaged your gum tissue (an issue that can heal quickly). Or, it may be gum disease. See us to find out!

Red Color In The Sink

This can be very confusing for patients, especially if you check your smile and don’t see a hint of blood but you’re so sure you’re seeing blood in the sink when you brush and/or floss. Consider some possibilities:

  • Your gums are bleeding slightly but you don’t notice the issue until you’re done brushing (or you cannot see the bleeding area)
  • You ate something with red food coloring before you brushed and, as a result, you’re seeing it in the sink
  • You recently had a nose bleed or some other problem is contributing to blood when you spit (when concerned, see your doctor!)

See Us To Protect Your Gum Health

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