Protect Your Smile During Cold And Flu Season

You might remember from previous experiences with finding yourself under the weather that caring for your oral health usually falls down a few notches on your list of priorities. Instead, you feel comfortable remaining in bed and skipping dental hygiene, you stay hydrated with whatever tastes the best, and you just try to feel better again! While we know it’s tough to keep your teeth and gums as your number one concern when the cold or flu hits, we have some suggestions for doing your absolute best.

Rinse At The Very Least

So, you really don’t have the energy to stand in front of the sink to brush your teeth? We’ve all been there. Instead of letting your smile suffer, simply rely on the water you’re drinking to remain hydrated to swish when you’ve got a little extra energy. This will help remove bacteria and any food particles for a bit of oral health protection.

Do Your Best To Brush

Have a little bit of energy? Brushing once or twice a day as we usually direct you will provide your oral health with the protection it needs! Remember, with just a couple minutes of brushing, you remove the buildup that leads to cavities and gingivitis.

Skip Sugary, Acidic Drinks: Go With Water

Particularly when you aren’t able to brush and floss, it’s important to stick with water. Anything that’s sugary or acidic (like juice, sodas, or sports drinks) will expose your teeth to an acid attack. Nobody wants that!

Say Goodbye To Your Toothbrush (Once You’re Well)

Keep your oral health in good shape after you’ve recovered by using a new toothbrush, just in case, so you aren’t exposed to any lingering germs.