3 Reasons To Drink Some Tap Water

Do you generally drink tap water? Or, do you find that you shy away from it because you assume it’s “not as good as” other water options, such as the packaged selections you can find in your local grocery store? If you’ve been giving this option for your hydration a bad wrap, we encourage you to consider some reasons to go ahead and pour yourself a nice tall glass (or to fill up a reusable bottle). It’s actually a good idea for your oral health!

#1: It’s Easy!

There’s nothing quite as easy as turning on your sink and drinking tap water. You can fill up a cup, a glass, sip directly from the faucet, and even fill up a reusable container that you can bring with you wherever you go. You’re not having to hand over any money or go anywhere special to do it. Just your kitchen sink!

#2: Tap Water Has Smile-Health Minerals

The tap water in your home is good for your oral health for a specific reason that’s easy to pinpoint. As long as you live in a town in which the community drinking water is treated, your water is probably balanced with a nice amount of fluoride. When you drink tap water, you provide your smile with beneficial mineralization to keep your teeth strong and healthy.

#3: Water Helps With Just About Everything

In addition to the fact that tap water is easy and that it contains fluoride, it’s just plain old good for you in multiple additional ways. Tap water will protect your oral health like any type of water, which means it rinses away bacteria and food, so your smile is clean. It’s also the best thing you can drink to keep yourself hydrated (oral tissues included), so you avoid problems like dry mouth.