Pre-Visit Manners: What To Do

Do you occasionally find yourself involved in a discussion with friends regarding how to prepare for your dental visit? One friend says there’s no point in brushing before your appointment because we are going to clean your teeth anyway. Another says that it’s good manners to brush first. These are the details that can leave your head spinning and for which there are easy answers (which you can receive from our team!). While we suggest you simply ask us about these things, we would like to offer up a few suggestions.

Yes, It’s Good To Brush Beforehand

It takes less time for us to get through your dental cleaning and checkup if you have already brushed and flossed your teeth. This gives us a better idea of how well you practice your dental hygiene, as well. Of course, it’s also courteous to brush first before your dental visit. We appreciate it.

Yes, Fill Your Paperwork Out Early

We encourage you to go ahead and fill out any necessary paperwork before you come into our practice. If you have trouble downloading or printing out the patient paperwork we provide for you online, simply give us a call and let us know you need assistance. This will make our lives easier and your appointment much more efficient.

Give Us A Heads Up On Anxiety

Do you deal with dental anxiety? We encourage you to let us know about this ahead of time, so we can do everything in our power to ensure your dental visit is as easy and relaxing for you as possible. We can discuss sedation with you right off the bat, so you feel secure and empowered regarding the future of your smile’s health.