Your (Embarrassing) Hygiene Questions

You have some questions that you are just dying to ask us about dental hygiene … but you’re too embarrassed to ask. This is something we come across all the time! Patients want more information about something but they’re worried we will find the question silly or unimportant. Keep something very significant in mind: We are here to help you make good choices to protect your smile! No matter how small or big the inquiry, we would much rather that you ask and will always be willing to respond with helpful information! Let’s begin by covering the basics.

Is A Manual Or Electric Toothbrush Better?

Neither. Both. The short answer is that you may choose whatever you wish. As long as you’re doing a good job with your brushing habits, you don’t need to worry about which one of these dental hygiene products you choose. They can both efficiently and effectively get rid of plaque and food particles, so take your pick!

Can I Floss Then Brush?

Yes. You may floss and then brush. You may brush and then floss. The decision is up to you. The order in which you brush and floss is not what’s important. The fact that you are brushing twice a day and flossing once is the important factor, so keep up your thorough dental hygiene for best results!

Will Mouthwash Help A Lot?

In most instances, it’s the brushing and flossing that is providing the bulk of the dental hygiene for your smile (in addition to professional cleanings). While mouthwash can help freshen your breath temporarily (and some can contribute to preventing problems, while offering your teeth additional fluoride), it’s more of a supplement.