It’s A New School Year And Time For A Cleaning

cleaningsParents are always super busy getting ready for the new school year, and that time is now. However, it is a great time to schedule dental cleanings for the family. It is easy to skip out on those bi-annual appointments when you are so busy, but teeth cleanings are especially important. If you encourage attention to dental health while your kids are still young, it will make a difference as they get older. Your dental health affects your whole health. A healthy mouth can help equal a healthy body and research proves it. Now is the time to think about your family’s teeth because it’s a new school year and a great time for a dental cleaning.

Why Cleanings Are Important

Believe it or not, even children can get periodontal disease. Periodontal disease is a progressive disease. In the earliest stage, gingivitis, it is reversible, but full-blown gum disease is not. Once you get it you always have it and the most you can do is try to keep it from progressing. That’s why dental hygiene is important. It helps keep periodontal disease at bay.

What Your Cleanings Do In A Nut Shell

Dental cleanings are all about prevention. What they help prevent are cavities, periodontal disease, and tooth loss. These issues are prevented by keeping your teeth clean and free from plaque and tartar. Plaque is the clear, sticky stuff that you feel on your teeth if you skip brushing. It is a combination of harmful oral bacteria, sugars, starches, saliva, and enamel eating acids. If plaque is not removed from your teeth within 24 hours decay begins. If you never brush your teeth plaque hardens into tartar and leads to periodontal disease. During your dental cleanings your dentist or hygienist removes this plaque so your teeth can remain healthy.