3 Times You’re Not Making A Better Choice

Trust us. We know that it’s upsetting to learn that when you’ve been using “this not that” mentality to replace something you want with an alternative that you’re sure is much safer for your oral health. As a result, we want to do everything we can do point out such issues, so we can save you the heartache of thinking you’re safeguarding your grin, your sleep, and more. A few frequent culprits will get you started.

#1: White Wine (Not Red)

It’s one of the oldest swap outs! You want a glass of red wine but you don’t want stains. You don’t want to hurt your smile. As a result, you protect your oral health and the vibrancy of your teeth by choosing white wine, right? Well. Actually, white wine is dangerous for your teeth, too. You won’t get that allover reddish, purplish cast right away. However, this is one very acidic beverage. Over time, it breaks down your enamel. The result? Damage and a greater chance of pigmented foods causing discoloration.

#2: Decaf Coffee (Instead Of Regular)

Maybe you skip your preferred regular coffee in the afternoon or evening and go for decaf instead. When you avoid caffeine, you protect yourself against oral health related problems like bruxism, TMJ disorder, and sleep apnea (it can be hard to fall asleep with caffeine in your system). Bad news: That cup of decaffeinated coffee contains caffeine. Not as much! However, it’s still in there. If you’ve been wondering why your decaf is wiring you, now you know.

#3: Relaxants (Instead Of Naturally Falling Asleep)

Skip the alcohol and the sleeping pills. Opt instead for the natural version of relaxation, such as meditation, calming music, etc., if you want to promote your best experience with sleep apnea treatment. The artificial stuff contributes to collapsing throat tissues!

Ask Us For Advice During Visits

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