4 Breakfast Faves To Limit

Ah, yes, the amazing delicacies that come with breakfast! Many are time-honored staples that we simply assume are wonderful for our health (and in many cases, they are). However, it’s also important to recognize that there are particular selections that may not be so fantastic for your oral health. While you should avoid anything that could potentially damage your smile, we don’t expect you to give up your favorites. Limiting them (and rinsing with water then brushing a half hour later), however, is a fine approach. Consider some things to limit (and the reasons).

#1: Orange Juice

Orange juice is one of those all-time favorites at the breakfast table. While there’s nothing like the gentle zing of sunny citrus to wake you up in the morning, it’s not good for your oral health. Citrus is highly acidic (and if it contains sugar, it’s worse). It can lead to enamel erosion.

#2: Coffee

Again, if coffee is your wake-me-up beverage of choice, remember that it’s highly acidic. If you’re not planning on giving up your cup of Joe, at least remember to follow it with H20 to avoid erosion.

#3: Syrup-Covered Anything

When you cover up those pancakes, sausage, or anything else with syrup, you’re forking tons of sugar into your mouth. Sugar coats your teeth, leads to an acid environment, and promotes cavities. Seek out something less sugary if you can.

#4: Sugary Cereals

Is sugary cereal your favorite? Unfortunately, even if it seems like it offers some benefits (like lots of vitamins and minerals), you’re still jamming sugar into your teeth. Avoid oral health problems like decay by limiting this choice.

Protect Your Smile By Asking For Nutrition Tips

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