Composite vs. Amalgam: How Much Do You Know?

amalgamWhen you open your mouth wide to laugh or yawn do you see fillings? Having fillings is nothing to be ashamed of. In fact it is common. By common that means ninety percent of the population has at least one tooth filled and probably more. Are your fillings composite or amalgam? Do you know the difference? One is white and one is silver. Do you know which one is which? Find out by taking our test Composite vs. Amalgam: How Much Do You Know?

True or False?

True or False: Silver fillings aren’t really made from silver.
True or False: Silver fillings are also known as amalgam fillings.
True or False: Composite fillings are also known as white fillings.
True or False: Amalgam fillings are stronger than composite.
True or False: More natural tooth can be saved when composite is used.


False: Silver fillings do have silver in them, but they are also a mixture of tin, copper and mercury. Mercury makes up nearly 50 percent of the filling and is used to bind all the metals together.
True: Silver fillings are also known as amalgam fillings, or silver amalgam fillings. Amalgam means a mixture or combination.
True: Composite fillings are a mixture of plastic and glass and resemble the color of natural teeth.
True: Metal is the strongest of all fillings. Silver amalgam fillings can last at least 10 years and usually longer.
True: Less natural tooth structure is removed with composite fillings because the composite is bonded directly to the tooth. This also helps make the tooth stronger.


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