Cavities: 3 Surprising Details

3asphaltWe commonly discover that patients think they know just about all there is to know about tooth decay. However, these same patients are often shocked by some simple yet brand new discoveries when we fill them in on the details surrounding cavity development. Fortunately, it’s quite easy to become more educated regarding this very common hygiene-related illness that you can generally avoid with prevention. Get your expert knowledge up to snuff with a few surprising details!

#1: They Don’t Always Hurt

You might think to yourself, “Well, my teeth must be perfectly healthy because they feel just fine!” However, this isn’t quite right. Many oral health concerns begin and advance without a patient ever experiencing an obvious symptom, whether that includes pain or otherwise. To make sure you’re not missing something that you could easily treat early, we encourage you to remember to schedule checkups with us two times a year.

#2: They Can Form Between Teeth

If you think your brushing is going to completely prevent tooth decay, think again! You need to floss, too. Cavities can develop anywhere on any tooth, which means thoroughly cleaning between teeth with dental floss every day is a very important step toward keeping your smile healthy.

#3: Treating Them Sooner Really Is Better

You might imagine that once a cavity forms, the damage is not going to change and it’s up to you to schedule a visit whenever you have the time. Unfortunately, the tooth decay isn’t going to just stop expanding. Instead, this progressive oral disease will continue to cause the destruction of dental tissue until you see us for a filling. The sooner, the better.