Your Smile Needs TLC

toothbrushesblueishYou might be surprised that your extremely hard, resilient teeth are not in need of the extremely tough love you might think they need to keep them clean and healthy. Instead, consistent TLC (tender loving care, that is) happens to be just what the dentist ordered! While this is an easy way to sum up what you should consider for your dental hygiene, you might need some more specifics to fully understand what we mean. Take some recommendations to heart, so you’re sure you’re cleaning your smile and protecting it.

Products Need Not Be Harsh

It’s all about keeping the terms “gentle” and “soft” in mind when you brush and floss your teeth. This is true for all aspects of your dental hygiene experience. As far as your products are concerned, you might wish to think about the logic you have been using versus our suggestions to make the transition easier (unless you’ve been doing this correctly all along). Look over the following:

  • Toothpaste: Don’t pick up a harsh toothpaste. Translation: If it has extra ingredients that will help scrub your teeth, you don’t need it. Regular toothpaste that includes fluoride is what you want.
  • Your Brush: Avoid anything that has bristles any firmer than “soft.” If it’s not soft, it shouldn’t come into contact with your teeth.
  • Floss: Any type of floss is acceptable!

Your Approach Should Be Soft

The actual method with which you care for your teeth with dental hygiene should also be “soft” and “gentle.” You might not think much about this until we inform you that your gums are receding and your teeth feel sensitive because you have been brushing way too hard. Take your time, don’t press very much, and spend a full two minutes cleaning your smile with your toothbrush (get every accessible surface). Avoid excessive pressure when flossing, as well, and you’re right on track.