Smile Care: Excuses To Avoid

We all rely on some seemingly reasonable excuses from time to time when we don’t really want to do something. In certain instance, this isn’t too big of a deal because the consequences are minimal! However, when it comes to your smile care, when you give yourself an “out” for something that you really do need in order to keep your healthy grin healthy, trying to fall back on an excuse can have dire consequences! Looking for some examples? Consider a few, so you realize it’s always much better to remain proactive.

“I Don’t Have Time To Floss!”

Are you sure you don’t have time to floss? Let’s talk about it. You have 1,440 minutes to use in a day. Flossing will take you about one or two minutes. That’s about 0.10 percent of your day. It’s but a drop in the bucket! Give yourself more time for your dental hygiene, rather than rushing it, and you will find that you have all the time in the world!

“The Restorative Treatment Can Wait A Little Longer.”

We know. You aren’t interested in coming in for your restorative treatment. However, the excuse that your tooth or other issue can wait a while isn’t going to help you. Instead, it runs counter to effective smile care and can leave you in a bind! Get the restoration we have suggested instead of the more expensive, time-consuming one you will need if you wait much longer.

“I Can’t Remember To Schedule My Visits!”

Well. We know it’s easy to forget about this type of thing. However, it’s also very easy to make your smile care a priority. It just takes a tiny bit of effort. Set up reminders for yourself in any way that works for you, whether it includes reminders on your phone or tablet or sticky notes in visible places!

Let Us Help You Keep Your Smile Care On Track

Avoid falling back on excuses that can lead you down a path toward damaged oral health. See our team for assistance with straightening out your smile care! Set up an appointment in Grand Prairie, TX by contacting your dentist at Pecan Tree Dental to schedule a visit at (972) 262-5111.