What To Do Today, Tomorrow, In Six Months

When it comes to a timeline and your dental care, you may find that you sometimes have trouble keeping a solid perspective. One second, you’re thinking about the bigger picture and you have plans to keep your oral health safe. The next, you notice you’ve missed brushing your teeth for the day and it’s been a couple years since your last visit. So, how to take smaller steps to ensure your success? It’s easy!


Today, you should do two things to begin making your dental care all that it can be. First, get your dental hygiene in order. This is not a big task to achieve. All that you need to do is brush your teeth in the morning then brush them again this evening. Add one flossing session in along with your brushing (morning or evening) and that’s it. Next, you should call us to set up a preventive visit, which will consist of your cleaning and checkup.


Tomorrow, to ensure you’re getting your dental care on track and keeping up with the details, you should make sure to repeat the dental hygiene we have suggested for you. Brush twice and floss once. Don’t wait too long or skip any part of your care. The longer you do this consistently, the easier it is for it to become habit. Soon, you’ll do it without thinking about it! Also, make sure you’ve made a note about the time and date of your upcoming dental visit.

Six Months From Your Visit

In six months from the visit you just scheduled for a cleaning and checkup, we would like to see you again! It is best to schedule preventive visits every six months (which makes for two a year). So, at your upcoming appointment, schedule the next one before you leave.

Make Dental Care Easy With Simple Solutions

If you find that you have any amount of difficulty keeping up with your dental care, simply let us know, so we may help you sort out the details. Set up an appointment in Grand Prairie, TX by contacting your dentist at Pecan Tree Dental to schedule a visit at (972) 262-5111.