3 Times To Clean Your Hands

There are some obvious times that you should clean your hands. Perhaps you’ve just prepped a meal and you’ve touched beef or poultry. Time to wash your hands! Maybe you’ve just used the restroom. Again, time to wash your hands! However, what about other instances when cleaning your hands will help protect your oral health? If this is not something you have already considered, then it just might be time to do so!

#1: After Grocery Shopping

You’ve just touched the cart, money, a keypad, a door, etc. You’ve picked up a lot of germs and bacteria on your fingers! You don’t want them in your mouth, so apply hand sanitizer or wash hands when you’re through. That way, particularly if you plan on snacking on something you just purchased on the way home, you’re not endangering your oral health or otherwise.

#2: Before A Meal

You’ve likely heard this growing up and may have even had to do it as a child. Wash your hands before you eat a meal. It seems basic but it can actually be very beneficial for your oral health and, of course, for your general health. Even if you plan on keeping your fingers away from your mouth, you may do so unknowingly (and germs can end up on many surfaces). Clean hands first!

#3: Before Dental Hygiene

You might not think much about this. However, if you go through the list of all of the things you’ve touched before you begin your dental hygiene session, you may find yourself a bit horrified! When you touch your toothbrush and paste, and when you floss, you’re literally putting your fingers into your mouth. It’s best for your oral health to ensure your hands are clean before you proceed!

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