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Children’s Dentistry, Hygiene, and Care

As placeholders for the permanent teeth that have yet to come in, young children’s teeth need as much care as yours; in some cases, more. That care begins with what you teach your children about good hygiene and dental care, from brushing and flossing their teeth to visiting the dentist on a regular basis. Because… Read more »

Is Chewing Gum Good or Bad for Children’s Teeth?

The question has flustered parents, teachers, and children alike for ages—is chewing gum good or bad for a child’s dental health? The habit can undoubtedly be annoying for adults chaperoning groups of gum-chewing children, but whether or not its detrimental to a child’s smile is a complicated question. Some additives, excessive chewing, and a lack… Read more »

Grand Prairie Children’s Dentist Offers a Fun Quiz

Education is a major part of the early years of dental care. By instructing your child properly, you can set him or her up for a lifetime of good oral health. To help you in this endeavor, your Grand Prairie dentist, Dr. Quinn Smith, has put together the following quiz. Take it with your son… Read more »

Grand Prairie Dentist Answers FAQs About Children’s Dentistry

Did you that over 20% of children between the ages of 5 and 11 suffer from untreated cavities? Few things brighten your day like your little ones’ smile. In order to keep their smile bright and beautiful, your children require routine dental care. At Pecan Tree Dental, we offer the latest in children’s dentistry to… Read more »

Grand Prairie Dentist: Do Kids Really Need Dental Fillings?

One of the first things we learn about teeth is that people have two sets. The first set, the baby teeth, fall out during childhood to be replaced by the adult teeth. Knowing that a second set of teeth is waiting to take over, you may begin to wonder whether dental care like a filling… Read more »

Grand Prairie Dentist: Get Your Free Kids’ Brushing Chart

Is your child’s toothbrush feeling lonely and neglected? Do you want to see it feeling happy and useful? Sometimes, despite your best efforts, kids can get the best of you. No matter how hard you try to get them to brush their teeth, they won’t yield. Unfortunately, they (and their lonely toothbrushes) are the ones… Read more »

Grand Prairie Dentist: Teach Your Child to Floss

Flossing can be a bit of a sore subject when it comes to dental care. Not only can flossing cause temporarily sensitive gums if not done regularly, but it can also lead to arguments between parents and their children. For some reason, kids don’t want to floss. Unfortunately, enumerating the benefits of flossing will probably… Read more »