Agreeing To A Dental Crown: Things You’re Wondering

You know that it’s time to agree to the dental crown we have recommended for you, so your smile is all better. However, you also know that if you keep your curiosity to yourself about particular aspects of this method of fixing your tooth, you’re going to feel quite anxious come procedure day. Don’t let that happen. Remember, we would be more than happy to talk with you about any dental care need that comes your way! To begin, our Grand Prairie, TX team answers questions that we hear oh so often when a crown is in the picture. If you find that you still want to learn a bit more, please take a moment to get in contact with us!

Why A Crown Instead Of A Veneer?

You may wonder: Why would we ever offer you a dental crown instead of a porcelain veneer when what you need is cosmetic care. Aren’t crowns a type of restorative dental are? They are! However, sometimes, a tooth is in bad shape esthetically. While a veneer might offer some camouflaging, in certain severe instances, it just won’t get the job done. Crowns offer better, full coverage.

Is This Really Going To Stand The Test Of Time?

When you ask our team about how long your dental crown is going to last, you’re probably concerned that it’s going to be a short-term solution to your current problem. What you want, of course, is a treatment that’s going to repair your tooth and last for a nice long while. Great news! Crowns can truly stand the test of time. Today’s modern technology permits you to enjoy a restoration that will last for years if not decades, whether you select metal, porcelain, PFM, or zirconia.

Will My Crowned Tooth Feel Really Weird?

At first, this might be something you consider “weird.” When you chew, bite into food, talk, and run your tongue along the dental crown, it might be very obvious that it’s not your natural tooth. However, ready to learn something very exciting about your body and your brain? You adapt very quickly. As you get used the crown, you’ll stop noticing that it’s there and will simply get used to your smile again. Then, your grin will be nice and healthy and all you’ll have to do is keep up with prevention!

See Us For Your Lovely Crown Today

When it’s time for a crown, remember that time is of the essence! Contact us soon to schedule your visit. Set up an appointment in Grand Prairie, TX by contacting your dentist at Pecan Tree Dental to schedule a visit at (972) 262-5111.