Whiter Teeth: How Long Does It Take?

whiter-teeth-how-long-does-it-takeThe holidays are upon us, which probably means more than the usual number of friendly smiles and warm hugs. There are likely to be photo ops galore, and that is good reason to want to feel comfortable with your smile. If you’ve been wondering about whitening your teeth, and how long whitening procedures take to make a change, you’ll be glad to know it isn’t too late. Teeth can be lighter with a single visit, or you can opt for a slightly longer timeframe if you whiten your teeth at home.

The One Hour Approach

With a Zoom! in-office procedure for stains, you can enjoy a smile that is beautifully lighter in about 60 minutes. The Zoom! treatment is safe and painless, and will give you a brighter smile for the upcoming holidays, and for many celebrations to come.

Whitening At Home in About Two Weeks

Some patients prefer to whiten teeth at home, using our professional strength whitening gel. You will be able to wear the trays we provide in a manner that fits your schedule. Most patients see up to six shades of lightening, within 14 days. The at home whitening we can provide to you is a stronger solution than you can obtain at the drug store.

Caring for Teeth After Whitening

Please give your brighter smile the same careful care we ask of all our patients. That means brushing twice a day, making the most of time spent flossing, and visiting twice a year for checkups. Watching your consumption of dark colored foods and drinks will also help slow future tooth color change.