3 Ways To Improve Your Chewing

steps123cupsAre you experiencing problems in the chewing department? If you’re looking for a way to achieve effective chewing, there’s probably something off with your oral health. As a result, we suggest you contact us immediately to set up an appointment. We will then be able to determine whether you need a treatment to address an existing concern, if you need some simple suggestions for an easy-to-remedy problem, or otherwise. Let’s explore a few ways we might be able to improve your ability to successfully break down food.

#1: Address Moisture Levels

We might need to help you address dry mouth. This is a problem that can exist as the result of many reasons! You might be taking a medication with dry mouth as the side effect, you might be congested, you may suffer from sleep apnea, you might simply need to drink more water. It’s a lengthy list. Just remember, breaking down food and being able to successfully swallow it requires sufficient saliva. If your mouth is dry, effective chewing becomes increasingly difficult.

#2: Identify Problems

Do you have a cavity? Maybe your tooth is infected. Perhaps you received a dental crown years ago but it’s become damaged. Problems that affect the comfort and function of your teeth and bite can disrupt effective chewing. We can offer restorations (or fix or replace existing ones) to restore your function.

#3: Align Your Teeth

We may suggest orthodontics if your teeth are not properly aligned. Whether you have crooked, spaced, or overlapping teeth, an over bite, under bite, cross bite, or another type of malocclusion, we need to address it.