Oral Health And Pregnancy: Essential Knowledge

pregnantwomanpolkadotWith pregnancy comes a long, long list of inquiries. Particularly with a first pregnancy comes a long list of questions about things you have simply never needed to consider before. For instance, you might wonder if your expectant state is going to affect your oral health, if your usual dental hygiene is going to need to change, how to make sure you’re doing a wonderful job, and more. We, of course, are happy to respond with helpful answers that will let you feel nice and confident about your smile (and your baby’s smile, too).

Know That Your Gums Are Prone To Inflammation

When you are pregnant, it can affect your oral health. For the most part, the only thing that’s going to become much different is the fact that gum inflammation becomes a more likely concern. When your body’s hormones change (this is true for other instances of shifts, such as with puberty), it affects your gum tissue! No worries. By brushing, flossing, and scheduling visits, your smile can remain A-OK.

Know That We Are Here To Guide You

Don’t forget that you are welcome and encouraged to schedule visits during pregnancy. Your oral health is of the utmost importance, while you are pregnant. Contact us to let us know about your pregnancy and remember: We are here to guide your smile care!

Know That Baby’s Teeth Are Developing

Your baby’s oral health is something to consider, too. By eating a balanced diet and remembering that bone and teeth development requires calcium, you can ensure you’re doing your best to support those tiny teeth.