3 Tips For Thanksgiving Travel

tipsrainbowThanksgiving is coming up in a jiffy, which means you will be meticulously (or chaotically, depending on whether you’re a procrastinator or not) packing for your holiday vacation. While you will certainly remember your clothing and your tickets, you might overlook some important details. Namely, we find that patients commonly arrive at their destination only to realize they left behind very important oral health products. Allow us to share our tips with you, which we have gathered from years of working with patients who have passed along their harrowing tales!

Tip #1: Cover The Basics

Surprisingly, it’s very easy to forget about your toothbrush, toothpaste, and dental floss. Make yourself a little list of last-minute things to remember, so you don’t forget to bring your dental hygiene products along.

Tip #2: Take A Broader View

Think beyond your usual dental hygiene for the day. Your oral health can use help all day long, including when you’re at a party (and possibly away from your toothbrush and your toothpaste). To make sure you can clean cranberry sauce and pie from your teeth, bring along a few floss picks and perhaps some sugarless gum to ensure you get your mouth back to its clean, fresh state at the drop of a hat.

Tip #3: Bring Along Necessary Treatments

Do you rely on sleep apnea treatment at night? Perhaps you have a mouthguard for some other oral health disorder like TMJ disorder or bruxism. You will want to remember to bring these on your Thanksgiving vacation, even if you will only be out of town for a night or two. Consistency is the key factor in protecting your smile and making it through the holidays without any symptoms.