Thinking About Improving Your Smile with Gum Contouring?

A gummy smile isn’t like many other cosmetic dental concerns. Unlike teeth stains, for instance, some people with a gummy smile may not consider their a condition a hindrance to their smile’s appearance. Therefore, they may choose to ignore it and never seek treatment to correct the symmetry of their gum line. However, while it may not seem as much of a problem as other cosmetic concerns, a gummy smile could have a serious impact on your smile’s appearance, as well as many other aspects of your oral health. Fortunately, for many patients with gummy smiles, we can often offer an effective way to improve it, with the help of cosmetic gum contouring.

The need for cosmetic gum contouring

Most cosmetic dental treatments are designed for specific smile concerns. If your teeth are stained, you can likely brighten them with teeth-whitening. If a tooth is chipped, you may be able to improve with cosmetic tooth bonding and/or contouring. For cosmetic gum contouring, the best candidates are patients who exhibit uneven, asymmetrical gum lines, which can occur for a variety of reasons. Before recommending the treatment, your dentist will thoroughly examine your teeth, gums, and oral health to determine if the cause of your gummy smile is a serious one. Then, your dentist can work closely with you to determine if gum contouring is the right procedure.

The minimally invasive nature of it

Like many other cosmetic dental treatments, gum contouring is designed to more than just improve your smile’s appearance. The process involves carefully trimming away certain areas of your gum tissues to create a more even line around your teeth. This means your treatment must be as minimally invasive as possible to ensure optimal results, and to avoid causing unnecessary trauma to surrounding tissues. A combination of advanced technology and extensive experience helps us design and perform your gum contouring treatment plan conservatively, which also has a significant benefit to your long-term oral health.

The extended benefits of contouring your gums

When gum tissues don’t cover your teeth evenly and consistently, it becomes harder for them to effectively protect your teeth roots from things like harmful oral bacteria. If any bacteria make their way underneath your gum tissues, they can lead to an infection known as gingivitis. Before long, this infection can progress into much more destructive gum disease, and the heightened risks to your oral health can become significantly more dangerous. By straightening your gum line with cosmetic gum contouring, we can help you reduce those risks and improve your long-term oral health.

Learn about cosmetic gum contouring

Cosmetic gum contouring can benefit your smile in many ways, which is why we may recommend it if you have an uneven gum line. To learn more, schedule an appointment with Dr. Smith and our team by calling Pecan Tree Dental in Grand  Prairie, TX, today at (972) 262-5111.