Dental Bridge: The 3 Things You Should Remember

If you’re new to figuring out teeth replacement solutions, then you’re just becoming introduced to dental bridges and other prosthetics that can solve your concern. When it’s time to become more familiar with whether the bridge will cover your requirements, provide you with the improvement you seek, and more, it’s best to get started with the absolute essential details. They will quickly let you know whether a bridge is in the running (or not) for your smile!

#1: Replace Up To Three Missing Teeth

The first of three things you should absolutely keep in mind follows: You can replace up to three missing teeth with a dental bridge but no more. If you’re missing four and want a single device, this is not for you! If you’re missing one, two, or three, then you may be a candidate.

#2: Replace Teeth All In A Row Only

A quick follow-up to #1 is the fact that you can replace up to three teeth only if the following is true: Those teeth all sit (or, used to sit) next to one another. If you have other teeth in the way, then you’re not going to be able to choose a bridge. If you’re dealing with just one area of neighboring open sockets, then a bridge will work.

#3: The Device Is Fixed (In Place)

A fixed device is not a removable device. This means that if you were hoping to be able to take the prosthetic out of your mouth to clean it or for other reasons, it’s probably best that you look into partial dentures instead. However, if a device bonded in place that essentially becomes an extension of your smile is what you had in mind, then a dental bridge may be suited to you!

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