How Habits With Little Ones Transition Into Adulthood

While you’re usually most focused on the task at hand, such as convincing your child to brush or dreaming about the day when your kids can practice dental hygiene independently, you may sometimes forget to take the future into account. All of the little steps (and big steps) you take in regard to dental care when your children are young are actually extremely important and can have a very strong impact on your child’s habits now and all the way into adulthood. Let’s talk details, so you can remind yourself that the hard work is certainly worth the effort.

You Provide A Positive, Lasting Feeling About The Dental Office

When you begin dental care with your children when they’re very young, they likely don’t remember a life that didn’t include visits to the dentist. Many people find the environment, the equipment, the sounds, the tastes, and more to be foreign or unsettling if they don’t have experience with professional dentistry. Your children will never even give scheduling a cleaning or checkup a second thought!

Instilling Good Habits Early Yields “Autopilot” Habits Later

When your kids are little, you will have to remind them over and over to perform their dental care at home (brushing and flossing). You will help them, guide them, monitor them, and then they will do it on their own. After an entire childhood of developing excellent habits, they will transition into adulthood and will be able to simply perform smile care on autopilot, since brushing and flossing will be looked as just “part of daily life.”

Bring Your Little Kids, Big Kids, And Teens In For Smile Care

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