Let’s Talk Crown Details

Have you been wondering why a crown is called a crown? Are you curious about what may happen to your smile in the future that may leave you in need of a dental crown? We can quickly clear up your curiosity with simple explanations.

First, Why A Crown?

Does a dental crown have something to do with regal status, you wonder? Why is it called a crown? Fortunately, this will be easy to understand and to remember! You may not realize that your tooth has multiple parts, each with its own name. When talking about the overall structure of your tooth, the top (that sticks out above your gum tissue) is called the crown! The rest (within your gum tissue) is referred to as your roots. Hence: An artificial crown to protect your natural one.

So, Why Do I Need An Artificial Crown?

You may need a dental crown for one or more of a long list of reasons. Think about your tooth, the way it looks, and the function it provides. Let’s break down some possible reasons you may require a dental crown:

  • Your natural crown protects the inner tissue of your tooth and your roots and lets you chew, speak, etc. When it’s cracked or damaged in some serious way, the internal parts are susceptible to bacteria creeping in and causing infection. A crown restores the structure of your tooth’s natural crown, restores its function, and keeps bacteria out.
  • When you receive cosmetic care, we are treating only the crown of your tooth or teeth. If this part of your tooth appears disfigured to the extent that our usual cosmetic treatments will not satisfactorily improve the problem, we may suggest a porcelain crown to restore your tooth’s beauty (in extreme cases).

See Us To Ask Your Crown Questions

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