Answering Some Simple “Why” Questions You May Wonder About

There are so very many “why” questions that you can come up with in regard to your smile that if we were to ask you to simply begin rattling then off, you might not know where to begin! While you may feel tempted to look around online for the information you’re curious about as it comes up, we remind you that even if it is very simple, we’d love for you to bring it to our Grand Prairie, TX team’s attention instead! When you know you’re getting the accurate oral health details you need, it’s both reassuring and very helpful for protecting your smile health! Start by considering some of those things we hear very often from patients we see.

Why Do I Have To Brush And Floss?

You have to brush and floss to keep your oral health safe by removing plaque that can build up, harden into tartar, and cause lots of hygiene-related problems for your smile. When you remove the plaque and keep it from hardening, it’s much harder for decay, gum disease, and more to happen.

Why Do I Have To Brush My Tongue?

Our team knows that some of you wonder why on earth you have to brush your tongue. It seems like it must be pretty clean on its own right? Not exactly. At a much closer glance, you’ll see that taste buds and tiny grooves mean the surface area of your tongue is greater than you think! There are lots and lots of places for bacteria to hide, get trapped, and cling. You want them (and any type of debris) removed, so you don’t end up with more bacteria in your mouth than you want, which can very quickly cause you to end up with a case of bad breath. Remember, cleaning your teeth, gums, and your tongue is important for good oral health!

Why Are All Sodas So Bad For My Smile, Even Diet?

It’s important that you remember sodas are all acidic. We know that you might have always thought the main problem with drinking them was the fact that they were loaded with sugar or that they are carbonated. However, it’s not just the sugar that’s potentially affecting your smile health nor is it the bubbles. Instead, your oral health is negatively impacted by acid no matter what, so skip this beverage when at all possible.

Ask Us Your Why Questions Whenever You Have Them

Don’t assume we aren’t open to hearing your questions, whether they’re simple or complicated. We’ll always be happy to extend needed dental education. Set up an appointment in Grand Prairie, TX by contacting your dentist at Pecan Tree Dental to schedule a visit at (972) 262-5111.