Tooth Pain: 2 Times You’re Accidentally Causing It

Sometimes, tooth pain will affect you and you will notice you’re not really sure where the problem is coming from. Other times, tooth discomfort will appear and you’ll have a fairly good idea regarding why it’s started (and how to make it stop). In either case, it’s entirely possible that you are the major contributing factor to the development of this discomfort, even though you might not be doing so intentionally. The moral of the story: It might not be what you think, you may be able to make some simple changes to fix the issue, and no matter what, our Grand Prairie, TX team is here to offer explanations and to fix the problem. See us soon if you need assistance with getting to the bottom of the pain and finding a solution.

#1: You’re Messing With A Tooth (All Day Long)

Maybe you have something stuck between your teeth. Instead of reaching for some dental floss, you try to use your fingernail but to no avail. Then, you try to use your tongue to dislodge the food. This goes on for quite a while, perhaps all day! Maybe there’s some other reason you keep touching your tooth (maybe it’s texture feels different). Whatever the case, when you poke and prod your tooth, it can become irritated and uncomfortable just like any other aggravated tissue. Do your best to limit contact! If you need to see us, come on in. However, this type of tooth pain concern may resolve on its own quite quickly.

#2: You Have Bruxism

Okay, we admit: Bruxism disorder isn’t something that you’re doing intentionally. You might not even know that your teeth are grinding against one another or that you’re clenching. However, in this case, it is your own body causing your tooth or teeth to become uncomfortable! So, what should you do about it? Our team reminds you that the best thing you can do when your tooth doesn’t feel good is to come see us. If bruxism is to blame for tooth pain, we aren’t going to encourage you to try to stop (because this is something your muscles are doing on autopilot). Instead, we will provide you with treatment to stop the problem and make your smile feel better.

Schedule Time With Us To Discuss And Solve Tooth Pain

When you have a tooth that’s hurting, remember to talk with us very soon if you cannot identify the cause and solution. We are here to help. Set up an appointment in Grand Prairie, TX by contacting your dentist at Pecan Tree Dental to schedule a visit at (972) 262-5111.