3 “C” Things You Get From Composite!

If you’re not extremely familiar with composite at the moment, then allow our Grand Prairie, TX team to quickly run you through some details that will remind you … you do know this material! Remember those tooth-colored fillings you’ve heard so much about (or that you already have in your smile)? The ones that match your teeth beautifully, so can’t even see them? They are made of composite! It’s a material that’s very easy for us to use for smile improvements! While it’s used frequently for fillings, there’s something else you should know: We rely on it for dental bonding, too, in which we add the composite to your tooth where the addition of tissue makes your smile look even better. Still curious about composite? Consider a few “C” things you get from it!

#1: Customized Dimensions

One thing you can expect from composite when you choose bonding with our team? You can expect customized dimensions! Remember that this cosmetic dentistry solution is one that we create as we work on your smile, which means we may paint the composite onto your tooth or we may sculpt it as we go. We will mold it to the specifications we agree upon, which means we can fully customize the finish. Want a longer tooth? Need to fill spaces to create the illusion of wider teeth? Hoping to fix a not-so-even tooth or awkward shape? We can accomplish this.

#2: Convenience

As you have likely already begun to realize, composite is a convenient material, making dental bonding a streamlined approach to minor improvements. Within just one visit, you can cover up a stain, close a gap, fix the shape and length of a tooth, and be on your merry way without the need for any additional work.

#3: Color Improvement

Remember that composite isn’t just something we can customize based on size. We may also change the color of the material, so your dental bonding meets your expectations for a brighter white or so that the work we complete blends with surrounding tissue.

Improve Your Smile With Bonding!

Rely on the versatility of composite as you improve small concerns with your smile’s appearance with our dental bonding. Set up an appointment in Grand Prairie, TX by contacting your dentist at Pecan Tree Dental to schedule a visit at (972) 262-5111.