Insurance, Checkups, And More: Time For A 2019 Check-In!

You know based on the calendar that this current year, 2019 to be specific, is going to end soon. However, you may not feel like that is the case! As a result, you know on a logical level that it’s probably about time to start getting end-of-the-year dental care plans going but that sense of urgency is simply absent. What to do, you wonder? Well, to avoid suddenly feeling frantic, we encourage you to gain motivation from all of that logic we mentioned, as you simply consider important details, follow through on them, and then take care of essential tasks one by one with our Grand Prairie, TX team. It’s much easier than it sounds (and will help promote a holiday season during which you don’t have to worry about your smile).

Got Benefits? Time To Use Them!

Do you have dental insurance? Our team is curious about the last time you sat down and took a detailed look at all that your coverage provides for you. Remember, we remind patients on an annual basis to consider their dental care benefits as we head into the colder months. Why, you ask? Well, because your benefits are usually something that you essentially use or lose for one year before they begin again. If you’re not careful, you can miss out on care that your oral health could really use! Check into the details and enjoy the still plentiful time you have left in 2019 to get things taken care of for your teeth and gums.

Is It Cleaning-And-Checkup Time?

Ask yourself if it’s time for your next dental cleaning and checkup. If you receive yours in January and June, then you’re in good shape. However, if you missed your June appointment or if you tend to keep a schedule that’s more like May and October, then you should certainly check in with us to ensure you see our team very soon for your preventive dental care visit! Or, if something is bothering you (a toothache, perhaps), then the time to see us is right now before this festive season carries you away!

Is There Anything You Want (Rather Than Need)?

Were you wishing for cosmetic care this year, in addition to protecting your oral health? You still have time but you’d better hurry up! Call us to lock in the improvements you want for 2019!

Get Your Smile Caught Up In 2019

Remember to end the current year with a smile that has reached all of your personal goals, from achieving optimal oral health to getting the cosmetic treatment you want! Call us to schedule any remaining care! Set up an appointment in Grand Prairie, TX by contacting your dentist at Pecan Tree Dental to schedule a visit at (972) 262-5111.