Holiday Hazards: Keep Your TMJs Well Protected!

Holiday hazards! They’re not necessarily two h-words that you want to put together because when you think about the holidays, all that really fills your mind is happiness! This, of course, is one of the reasons our Grand Prairie, TX team feels so strongly about offering you some helpful reminders for your TMJ health! Whether you’re dealing with TMJ disorder or not, this time of year can place a lot of extra stress and strain on your jaw joints (and often because this very merry time of year can sweep patients off of their feet, as they overlook possible concerns they may have noticed during other less festive times). Take some suggestions into consideration!

Holiday Nuts

Not only will holiday nuts present you with potential damage and strain to your TMJs but they also present some serious potential harm to your teeth! Here’s what we want you to remember: Nuts (particularly those that are still in their shells) are often very hard. So, always remember to remove shells with something other than your teeth and jaws! Using your teeth will create too much strain and pressure, which can lead not only to worsening TMJ disorder but also crumbling, cracked teeth! Furthermore, choose softer nuts over hard ones, which wreak havoc on your oral health.

Holiday Brittles, Candies, And More

How else can you follow the general rules of preventive dental care, in order to keep your TMJ health safe and sound? Consider other very hard treats that show up around this time of year, so you don’t let the holidays cause problems for your jaw joints and more! Think holiday brittle, candy canes, ginger snaps … you get the idea!

Stress And Tension!

Good stress? Bad stress? Whether you look at your holiday list as something that’s fun or dreadful to get through, one thing is true: Your very packed schedule can lead to stress, which can contribute to bruxism disorder, TMJ disorder, and all around muscle tension, all of which are hazardous for your TMJ health. So, what to do, you ask? It’s simple! We remind you that taking time to breathe, to take a break, and to find a way to handle and relieve your stress on a daily basis is good not only for your oral health but for your complete well being, too!

Missing TMJ Treatment!

Remember to use your TMJ treatment through the holiday season! Forgetting it is easy to do, so give yourself a reminder or two along the way!

Start TMJ Treatment Soon 

Begin not only with your TMJ treatment, when you come in to see our team for the care that you need, but also with making some minor lifestyle adjustments that will ensure your jaw joints remain protected! Set up an appointment in Grand Prairie, TX by contacting your dentist at Pecan Tree Dental to schedule a visit at (972) 262-5111.