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Q&A: What’s Up With My Teeth Bumps?

Do you stare at your smile in the mirror occasionally, noticing that when you look closely, your incisors have little bumps on them? If so, you may notice that there are three little protrusions that can make your teeth look toothed, if you will! While you’re probably not experiencing any problems with your oral health… Read more »

Little Tiny Spaces: How To Deal

Are you troubled by your smile because of little spaces? Perhaps you have a tiny gap between two teeth that you wish you could fix, so your smile looked lovelier. Maybe you have a few spaces that drive you crazy in part because you find them unsightly and also because when you eat, food often… Read more »

A White Smile For A Spring Wedding

Spring is quickly approaching and you may be realizing that wedding season is on its way, too. Are you going to be a bride? A groom? A bridesmaid? A guest? Whatever the case, when you’re headed out to such a happy, love-filled event, the last thing you want to worry about is whether your smile… Read more »

Give Yourself The Gift Of Smile Beauty

Have you been toting around your wish list for the 2016 holiday season? Perhaps you secretly whispered your dream gift into Santa’s ear at the mall, hoping none of your friends saw you! Whatever the case, if what you really want is a more beautiful smile, there’s no need to wait for a magical answer… Read more »

Whiter Teeth: How Long Does It Take?

The holidays are upon us, which probably means more than the usual number of friendly smiles and warm hugs. There are likely to be photo ops galore, and that is good reason to want to feel comfortable with your smile. If you’ve been wondering about whitening your teeth, and how long whitening procedures take to… Read more »

Let’s Talk: The Benefit Of Bonding

What is the problem with your smile? Do you wish you had access to dental tissue you could glue in place just so to make individual teeth look better (and as a result, make your entire smile look much more pleasing)? If this is the case, you might be in store for a surprise: Dental… Read more »

Are Veneers Right For Me?

Have you found that you are certainly a fan of the benefits you’ve been hearing about veneers? However, are you also spending time asking, “Are porcelain veneers right for me?” You will quickly find that you are in good company with many other patients who like what they hear, immediately wonder if veneers are within reach,… Read more »

There’s More Than One Way To Whiten

When you decide you are ready for your teeth whitening journey, you will be pleased to discover that there’s not just one option on the horizon. In fact, depending on the particular needs that your smile has, you can rely on three options to bring your grin from drab to quite fabulous. We invite you… Read more »

3 Options For Changing Tooth Size

When you speak with friends about your smile or sit down to browse the Internet, what types of issues are you thinking about? Are you upset that your teeth are too long, too short, too wide, too skinny, or that you simply don’t like something about their shape? If so, you may feel worried that… Read more »

OTC Whitening Q&A: What You Should Know

Have you made the decision that your darkened or yellowed smile has got to go – and that it’s time to replace it with a vivid, sparkling grin? If so, you are probably already aware that you can achieve beautiful results with teeth whitening. However, the type of whitening you choose is actually a very… Read more »