Soda And Your Grin: The Age Old Questions And The Facts

Like lots of other things you just know are on the “bad list” when it comes to stuff that can harm your smile, you’ve long heard that soda is a potential culprit. Avoid too much candy? You understand. Try to avoid eating foods that are exceptionally hard? You get that, too. However, what’s the story with soda, are you supposed to avoid all of it, or is this one of those things people say that isn’t actually true? In short, your instincts that this bubbly beverage isn’t ideal for your oral health is spot-on. As for the details, enjoy the clarification you need with our Grand Prairie, TX practice!

Diet Soda Is Safe, Right?

We know. You have heard it over and over throughout your lifetime. You hear that you should avoid full-sugar soda (or, regular soda) and that as long as you drink diet, and it’s sugar free, you’re safe! While it’s possible that the calorie-free options are better for those focused on their weight, we must inform you that diet soda is not okay for your smile. In fact, it’s dangerous for your oral health.

So, Which Sodas Are Safe?

You wonder: Have you gotten it backwards? Is sugary soda okay, then? The answer is that no soda is safe for your oral health. Whether it contains sugar, a natural sugar alternative, an artificial sweetener, or any other ingredient, it’s going to promote problems because it is all extremely acidic. We offer you this rundown on why acids are so dangerous for your smile:

  • Acids eat away at the enamel (outer tissue) of your tooth, causing erosion
  • Over time, softened enamel leads to a greater likelihood of thinning enamel, sensitive teeth, tooth decay, and more
  • Remember: sugar feeds bacteria in your smile, which release acids onto your teeth, so sugary sodas create additional acids!

Will Only Cola Drinks Stain My Teeth?

You know that cola is deeply pigmented and, as a result, can stain your teeth. However, you want to know, can other sodas cause discoloration, too? The answer is that pretty much all soda will encourage discoloration. Here’s why:

  • Most sodas are pigmented, from cola to strawberry to grape or orange and will, as a result, contribute to stains
  • While clear sodas are free of pigments, they contribute to the breakdown of your enamel, which makes teeth more vulnerable to the development of stains!

Is There A Way To Drink Soda More Safely?

Yep! Immediately rinse with water after you drink soda.

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