3 Very Cool “Clubs” To Join! 

When it comes to your smile and the effort you put forth into your oral health, one of the things you may enjoy most is becoming part of some figurative “clubs” that make you feel proud of your accomplishments. Then, there are some very real clubs of which you may become a member that will make you feel proud about your approach to keeping your smile clean! Curious about these mysterious groups or programs you may be overlooking, how to begin participating, and why? Our Grand Prairie, TX has some examples for you to consider! You just might find they make keeping your grin healthy an even more enjoyable experience!

#1: The Cavity Free Club!

Remember the cavity free club from childhood? Well, it’s actually something that anyone can join! Hoping for a lifetime membership? No problem! Remember that it’s all about treating your smile with the best prevention you can offer it, as well as taking care of any tooth decay that has formed. Once you’re back to a healthy smile and you’re taking wonderful care of it, you can enjoy your lifetime membership! Keep in mind, prevention includes dental hygiene and seeing our team for your twice-annual visits. Restorative care means saying yes to the treatment we suggest for your smile, such as a filling.

#2: The Six-Month Prevention Club!

This one’s easy to join and very beneficial for your oral health! Don’t forget that if you want to remain right on track with your smile and your dental care, then remembering to see us every six months for your required visit (which will include a professional cleaning and checkup) is key! All it takes is a tiny bit of pre-planning, as you set a visit with our team to ensure you come in twice a year. You will be amazed by how helpful this is for your grin (and it gives you consistent time to learn more when you have questions).

#3: A Toothbrush (And More) Recycling Club

We realize this might be a new club you have never heard of before but you may be very pleased to learn about! Did you know that there are recycling programs out there that you may join, which will allow you to recycle your old toothbrush, toothpaste tube, and more, rather than having to throw them away? Check the internet as you quickly browse options, join in, and you’ll be able to mail your “trash” off to be recycled, as you feel much better about the waste created by dental care, as you protect your oral health!

Promote Your Healthiest Smile

Have some fun with your dental care, as you do your best to keep your smile in its best condition possible! Remember to schedule your visits that you need with our team for an easy experience. Set up an appointment in Grand Prairie, TX by contacting your dentist at Pecan Tree Dental to schedule a visit at (972) 262-5111.