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Grand Prairie Dentist Discusses the Importance of Mouth Guards

If you play a contact sport, padding is very important. Imagine taking a hit from a safety without pads. Or imagine the way a hockey puck would feel if a slap shot hit you in the shins when you weren’t wearing shin guards. You probably wouldn’t step onto a football field or a hockey rink… Read more »

Grand Prairie Dentist: Get Your Ideal Smile Fast with Lumineers

When you examine your teeth, do you see a crowded thicket of gnarled and worn teeth? Do you want to see perfectly ordered, pearly white rows instead? The prospect of a lot of dental work may be daunting. After all, no one wants to spend a lifetime in the dental chair. We want quick results… Read more »

Grand Prairie Dentist: Preserving a Knocked-Out Tooth

You’re at a baseball game, enjoying the sunshine and a refreshing breeze. The grass is green, and the sky is blue. You turn to check the score on the scoreboard when suddenly you hear a loud crack as bat and ball collide. You turn your head and barely have time to register a white speck… Read more »

Grand Prairie Dentist: Get Your Free Kids’ Brushing Chart

Is your child’s toothbrush feeling lonely and neglected? Do you want to see it feeling happy and useful? Sometimes, despite your best efforts, kids can get the best of you. No matter how hard you try to get them to brush their teeth, they won’t yield. Unfortunately, they (and their lonely toothbrushes) are the ones… Read more »

Grand Prairie Dentist Discusses the Restorative Power of Dental Implants

The means of replacing lost teeth have evolved over the years. In the past, prosthetic teeth were made out of all sorts of materials like wood or ivory. These false teeth were very uncomfortable and not very convincing. Today, however, prosthetic teeth are functional and aesthetically appealing. They are also capable of preventing the many… Read more »

Grand Prairie Dentist Has Advice for Dental Emergencies

Picture a nice day at the park, just you and your kids. The sun is bright and warm. A soft breeze washes over you, carrying the soft tunes of bird song. Then suddenly you hear it: a loud bang and your child crying. As you are running, you notice the hand clasped firmly in front… Read more »

Grand Prairie Dentist Discusses Children and Bruxism

Did you know that 38 percent of children grind their teeth? If you’ve even seen your child grinding his or her teeth, you may have found the sawing noise and the sight of the clenched jaw moving back and forth to be disconcerting. After all, how could it not be bad for your child’s teeth?… Read more »

Grand Prairie Dentist: Teach Your Child to Floss

Flossing can be a bit of a sore subject when it comes to dental care. Not only can flossing cause temporarily sensitive gums if not done regularly, but it can also lead to arguments between parents and their children. For some reason, kids don’t want to floss. Unfortunately, enumerating the benefits of flossing will probably… Read more »