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Grand Prairie Dentist: Do Kids Really Need Dental Fillings?

One of the first things we learn about teeth is that people have two sets. The first set, the baby teeth, fall out during childhood to be replaced by the adult teeth. Knowing that a second set of teeth is waiting to take over, you may begin to wonder whether dental care like a filling… Read more »

Grand Prairie Dentist Shares Four Homecare Tips for You and Your Family

Good homecare provides a solid foundation for a healthy mouth. If you are able to keep bacteria at bay, you will not be bothered by tooth decay or gum disease. Unfortunately, keeping bacteria from attacking your teeth and gums is easier said than done, which is why your Grand Prairie dentist, Dr. Quinn Smith is… Read more »

Grand Prairie Dentist Challenges You to a Quiz on Porcelain Veneers

What do you see when you smile in the mirror. If the answer is anything less than your ideal smile, you deserve better. Life is simply too short to spend time feeling embarrassed about your teeth. Just the simple act of trying to hide your smile can alter your mood, sapping the joy from your… Read more »

Grand Prairie Dentist Challenges You to a Quiz on Dental Emergencies

If an emergency occurs, you need the knowledge and the confidence to act quickly and efficiently. Panic and uncertainty can only slow you down and eat away precious seconds. But do you know what to do for, say, a knocked-out tooth? Even if you are certain that you do, you may gain some more confidence… Read more »

Grand Prairie Dentist Discusses Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Have you ever wondered why many people have their wisdom teeth removed? It seems strange that a large group of people all require the removal of a natural tooth. Yet extracting wisdom teeth can prevent many oral health problems including orthodontic problems and the possibility of infections. Here to explain why wisdom teeth extraction is… Read more »

Grand Prairie Dentist Discusses How Your Diet Impacts Your Oral Health

Your diet can have a major impact on your oral health. So when you are choosing between foods, it is important to know whether your choice will be feeding you or the bacteria that cause tooth decay.  Here to discuss how diet can impact your oral health is your Grand Prairie dentist, Dr. Quinn Smith…. Read more »

Grand Prairie Dentist Answers Your Zoom! Whitening FAQs

Yellow teeth have a bigger impact on people than they would sometimes care to admit. The truth is that if you are embarrassed by the color of your teeth, you are not likely to enjoy your life. After coming to that realization, then next logical step is to find the means to whiten your teeth…. Read more »

Grand Prairie Dentist Talks Yellow Teeth

If you have yellow teeth, you may be hiding your smile out of embarrassment. If so, your mood has probably gone south along with your self-esteem. The impact that smiling has on a person’s outlook is quite astounding. Smiling often can lead to a more positive outlook for you and the people around you. Unfortunately,… Read more »

Grand Prairie Dentist Compares Zoom! Whitening with Professional Home Whitening

If you have yellow teeth, you may be embarrassed to smile. Nothing sets off a beautiful smile like pearly white teeth. But with all of the treatments available to whiten teeth, how do you know which treatment is right for you? Your Grand Prairie dentist, Dr. Quinn Smith, compares Zoom! Whitening with professional home teeth… Read more »

Grand Prairie Dentist Discusses Fillings

Any bacteria that linger in your mouth will consume traces of sugars and carbohydrates. When they do, they produce an acid byproduct that is capable of wearing down tooth enamel. With less enamel, a tooth’s defenses are compromised, and it can eventually succumb to tooth decay. The result of such tooth decay may be a… Read more »